Using Taglines

Within higher education, it can be difficult to develop a truly unique tagline that avoids clichés. Taglines can also detract from the master brand and sub-brands, adding a supplemental message without adding value. Thus, in general, taglines are not permitted.

Occasionally, there may be a business case for using celebratory or campaign-specific taglines, such as “Our place. Our way. Our future.” (Boldly Buffalo campaign) or “50 Years of CSE” (Department of Computer Science and Engineering’s anniversary celebration). These short-term taglines must be approved by University Communications. Furthermore, they must never be used in close conjunction with the interlocking UB, the master brand lockup or unit-specific lockups. Taglines should instead be treated as a separate element that adheres to the extended clear space rule.

“Here is how” is not a tagline.

“Here is how” should never be used as a tagline. Nor should it be used on its own as a sentence, except in key pieces developed by or in consultation with University Communications.