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CBLS equipment and software.

UB’s New York State Center of Excellence in Bioinformatics & Life Sciences (CBLS) is at the heart of Buffalo’s life sciences hub, and can facilitate access to the vast resources available through our research partners.

The CBLS provides access to a vast array of state-of-the-art equipment that supports life sciences innovation from discovery through diagnostics and therapeutics.

Please see the core facilities page for information about the Genomics & Bioinformatics Core, the Center for Computational Research (CCR), the Multidisciplinary Cleanroom, and the Proteomics & Bioanalysis Core.

To learn more about our capabilities and gain access to facilities & equipment, please contact:

Smitha James

Associate Director, Scientific Operations and Industry Engagement


Open-access shared equipment and software available through the CBLS

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PCR Application

  • CFX Realtime PCR Machine (Biorad) – 96 well module with interchangeable 384 well module: reserve time on sharepoint
  • QX100 Droplet Digital PCR machine (Biorad) – for detection of low copy numbers, rare events, CNV. Higher sensitivitythan real-time PCR: training provided, $400 annual fee: reserve time on sharepoint

Nucleic Acid and Protein: Quantitation, analysis, miscellaneous

  • Nanodrop 2000C (Thermo)for nucleic acid and protein quantitation: sign logbook
  • Agilent Bioanalyzer (offered by NGS core as service) –Contact Sujith Valiyaparambil;
  • Speedvac and Centrivap evaporatorSavant; Labconco – for concentrating dilute stocks of DNA.
  • UV stratalinker - for cross linking nucleic acids
PCR machine.
PCR machine.

Imaging Application

  • Chemidoc Imager (Biorad)Imaging platform for DNA/RNA gels and western blots. Automated image capture. Quantitative: sign logbook
  • PMI Phosphorimager (Biorad): reserve on sharepoint


  • Leica EG1150H Paraffin Embedding Station: reserve on sharepoint 
  • Leica RM2245 - Semi-automated Rotary Microtome for paraffin block sectioning: reserve on sharepoint 
  • Leica CM1850 Cryostat for frozen sectioning: reserve on sharepoint


  • Nikon 80i Fluorescence Microscope with camera (includes Image pro analysis software): reserve on sharepoint
  • Leica Confocal SP2 MicroscopeContact Dr. Halfon (
PCR machine.

Pharmacokinetics and label free protein interaction analysis

  • Jasco J815 Circular dichroism SpectropolarimeterContact Dr. Balu Iyer for training and usage (, charges apply: reserve on sharepoint
  • Biacore T100 label free protein analysis system for drug-protein/protein-protein interactions - Contact Dr. Balthasar for information (
  • Agilent HPLC with Fluorescence and Diode Array Detector - Contact Dr. Balthasar for information (

Radio-isotope counters

  • TRI-CARB 2800 TR Liquid Scintillation Analyzersign logbook
  • TopCount Scintillation counter, 6-Detector, Variplate - Perkin Elmer- Performs solid scintillation, liquid scintillation, filter counting, Cerenkov counting, SPA®, and scintillating microplate counting – Off campus, contact Dr. Straubinger (

Centrifuges and Rotors

  • Beckman Coulter Avanti J25I High performance centrifuge: sign logbook 
  • Beckman Coulter J26XPI High Performance centrifuge: sign logbook
  • Beckman Coulter Optima 100k Ultra centrifuge: sign logbook
  • Beckman Coulter Optima Max Ultra centrifuge: sign logbook
  • Beckman Coulter Allegra 22R refrigerated bench top centrifuge with SX4250 bucket rotor: sign logbook
  • Type 70.1 Ti Rotor, Fixed Angle, Titanium, 12 x 13.5 mL, 70,000 rpm, 450,000 x gcompatible with Optima L100K: sign logbook 
  • JA-20.1 Rotor, Fixed Angle, Aluminum, Biosafety Lid, 32 x 15 mL, 20,000 rpm, 51,500 x gcompatible with Avanti J25I, J26XPI: sign logbook
  • JA-25.50 Rotor, Fixed Angle, Aluminum, Biosafety Lid, 8 x 50 mL, 25,000 rpm, 75,600 x g: sign logbook 
  • JLA-10.500 Rotor, Fixed Angle, Aluminum, 6 x 500 mL, 10,000 rpm, 18,600 x g¬ JLA-16.250 Rotor, Fixed Angle, Aluminum, Biosafety Lid, 6 x 250 mL, 16,000 rpm, 38,400 x g: sign logbook 
  • JS-13.1 Rotor with Carrying Handle, Swinging-Bucket, Aluminum, 6 x 50 mL, 13,000 rpm, 26,500 x g: sign logbook
  • TLA-110 Rotor, Fixed Angle, Titanium, 8 x 5.1 mL, 110,000 rpm, 657,000 x gcompatible with Optima Max Ultra centrifuge: sign logbook 
PCR machine.


  • Biotek Synergy Microplate Reader: reserve on sharepoint

Other Equipment

  • Shaker incubators (with and without refrigeration)
  • Economy Incubator for bacterial culture plates
  • Qiagen G2505B Tissue lyser - simultaneously disrupts up to 48 biological samples through high- speed shaking in plastic tubes with stainless steel, tungsten carbide, or glass beads

Genomics and Next-Generation Sequencing capabilities

Contact Dr. Nowak, or

Visit link for pricing and description of capabilities

Illumina Hi-seq 2500 for massively parallel sequencing of whole genome, exome, transcriptome, Chip-seq

Affymetrix GeneChip System for gene expression analysis

Agilent Microarray Scanner G2505C for SNP’s, expression analysis

Epigenetic Platform- SX-8G IP Star Compact from Diagenode – Can automatically process 8 samples at a time for ChIPapplications

Proteomics and Bioanalysis Core

Contact Dr. Jun Qu- or Smitha James at

The  following  link  provides  detailed  list  of  various  chromatography  systems  and  assays  the  core provides:

Bioinformatics/Software capabilities

  • Ingenuity Pathway Analysis software – Pathway analysis/modeling, Gene list comparison, Data curation and annotation,custom proprietary pathway maps
  • Image Pro Analyzer - for quantitation of microscopy images.
  • Go to the following link for details on hardware, data storage and bioinformatics capabilities at UB’s center forcomputational research (CCR):

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