Illustration by Nicolle Rager Fuller, courtesy of the U.S. National Science Foundation. "NSF: transforming the world through science.".

"NSF: transforming the world through science."  Illustration  by Nicolle Rager Fuller, courtesy of the National Science Foundation.

Message from Samantha Barbas, Director

Samantha Barbas.

Samantha Barbas

Welcome to the Spring 2021 edition of The Baldy Center Magazine. The past academic year has been a challenging time for all of us, as we’ve adapted to virtual research, online engagement, and socially distanced lives.

The Baldy Center's past and present fellows and grant recipients have demonstrated extraordinary resilience in advancing their important research in these changing and unusual times. This issue of the magazine highlights the work of The Baldy Center's affiliated scholars on an array of subjects and topics, all focused on themes of crisis and resolution. 

We feature the work of David Herzberg and Marie Jauffret-Roustide, who each confront the global public health crisis of drug use and addiction in their work. We present Deborah Waldrop’s work at the intersection of law and health care, with her focus on end-of-life decision-making. We focus on how Alison Des Forges' passion for justice as a scholar/activist on the world's stage became the inspiration for an educational enterprise sponsored, in part, by the Baldy Center since 2012.

An insight article highlights Joanne McLaughlin’s study of intersectionality of age and gender in discrimination law and policy. The magazine also profiles of five scholars at the University at Buffalo pursuing exciting new research in the law and society field. We invite you to learn about our cutting-edge work at the intersection of law, legal institutions, and social policy in our virtual magazine.






Multimedia Production Team

Spring 2021 Multimedia ProducTION TEAM at The Baldy Center for Law and Social Policy

Aldiama Anthony, BS
UB School of Law JD, 2021
Blog Producer, magazine writer

Jay Carreira
UB College of Arts & Sciences Honors College, BA expected 2022
Social Media producer, magazine writer

Rebecca Dingle
UB College of Arts & Sciences Honors College, BA expected 2021
Social media producer, magazine writer

Caroline Funk, PhD
Associate Director of The Baldy Center

Azalia Muchransyah
UB Department of Media Study, PhD, 2021
Podcast producer

Laura Wirth, MS
Assistant Director of The Baldy Center