On Campus: Pass/Fail

We look back on our recent past with pride, or shame


Late-night takes notice

In October, comedians Conan O’Brien and Jimmy Fallon briefly referenced the efforts of UB researchers to develop an underwater wireless network during their TV monologues. O’Brien quipped, not entirely accurately, “Finally, a way for people to Tweet, ‘I’m drowning.’” 

Paddles down

Hell nights and line-ups still plague schools across the country, but some UB students are taking a stand against hazing. More than 275 Greek students pledged to denounce the practice during a National Hazing Prevention Week event last semester, sponsored by the UB Inter Greek Council.


Time suck

A Cold War-era time capsule buried in 1959 on the South Campus was unveiled at a public event late last summer. The metal container, which apparently wasn’t watertight, revealed only damaged copies of the Buffalo Evening News and UB Spectrum. “No 50-year scotch,” joked one bemused onlooker.

Faux Fall Fest

Photograph by Ariel Namoca

Two sophomores suffering from early-semester boredom circulated a fake poster promoting rappers Drake, Big Sean and A$AP Rocky as headliners at UB’s Fall Fest—unleashing joy, then anger, as students blew up Twitter. The actual event did include A$AP Rocky, so at least some of it was true.