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Alex Bitterman (PhD ’08, MArch ’02)

Bitterman, an architecture professor who has taught at four different colleges and universities, takes a hard look at the pressures on today’s students and their families as they struggle to make smart college choices. (CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform, 2013)

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Gina Fava (Gina Borgese Pangione, BS ’92)

This debut suspense novel set in Rome pits Devlin “Lucky” Lucchesi, a covert special operative, against a terrorist named Ishmael Zaid. When Ishmael kidnaps Devlin’s 5-year-old son, it leads to a showdown that will ultimately determine the fate of the world. (Steepo Press, 2013)

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Lisa Stander-Horel (BA ’81) and Tim Horel (BS ’81)

When she discovered that both she and husband Tim were gluten intolerant, home baker and blogger Stander-Horel converted 100 beloved recipes for the rugelach, mandelbrot and challah of her childhood to gluten-free versions. Photos by Tim Horel. (The Experiment, 2013)

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Charity Vogel (PhD ’04, MA ’00)

This first book by Buffalo News staff reporter Vogel is a dramatic historical narrative of a 19th-century railroad accident along Lake Erie’s shoreline—one of the country’s deadliest railway accidents at the time. (Cornell University Press, 2013)

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Cary Presant (MD ’66)

A Los Angeles oncologist, Presant penned his book to help readers find “better health care, including finding the right doctors, treatments, insurance and hospitals … under Obamacare.” Actress and uterine cancer survivor Fran Drescher wrote the introduction. (iUniverse, 2012)