Alumni Life: Show Your Age

Show Your Age: Alumni proudly date themselves

Where did you work while earning your UB degree?

ECC Vice VW bus

Illustration by Hal Mayforth

“I worked in the AV department out of Capen Hall. We zipped around campus in our white vans and were the coolest AV squad ever. We even nicknamed ourselves ‘ECC Vice,’ for Educational Communications Center.”

Joseph Kuperberg, BA ’88
Pittsford, N.Y.

“I hand-bound sheet music and was a lifeguard at the campus indoor pool. Then I toyed with working in a lab for an extra quarter an hour, but turned that down when I figured out I could work in the Tower cafeteria and eat for free—a twofer!”

Claudia Allen, JD ’79, MA ’75, BFA ’70
Cincinnati, Ohio

“I had an office job at Radiation Protection Services on the South Campus.”

Pamela Hornung, EdM ’88, BA ’85
Buffalo, N.Y.

“I started at long-defunct Norton [cafeteria] making subs, helped stand up Putnam’s as it was being constructed and finally ended up at Bert’s behind the grill. It was the most fun I’ve ever had at work. I went to class reeking of fryer oil and eggs, but I would still never trade my time there in spite of the stunning impact to my date-ability.”

Michelle Wolf, MBA ’08, BA ’95
Amherst, N.Y.

“I worked the graveyard shift at General Mills as a shift chemist.”

Gordon Gibson, BA ’57
Buffalo, N.Y.

“I was a ‘wax winder’ for United Compound Co.”

Bruce Glaser, BA ’65
Rochester, N.Y.

“I had a summer job in the sports department of the Courier-Express.”

Steven Schuelein, BA ’67
Playa del Rey, Calif.

David P. Brust

I worked summers at Harrison Radiator on production. As a senior I also had a job making solutions for chemistry labs.