On Campus: Space Invaders

A revealing look at UB's personal and public spaces

Bradley Ault, 338 Millard Fillmore Academic Complex

An archaeologist and art historian who specializes in ancient Greek and Roman domestic architecture, Bradley Ault has been happily ensconced in his Ellicott office since 500 B.C. Just kidding! Ault has actually been in this space since 1999, when the classics department relocated to the Ellicott Complex and moved a lot of books across campus from the 7th floor of Clemens Hall. We love how the popular professor created such a homey vibe—everything from the antique tribal rug and the wall-to-wall library (organized by subject) to the soft medieval-era music piping in through tiny speakers.

The office of Bradley Ault, Associate Professor, Classics

The office of Bradley Ault, Associate Professor, Classics. Photo: Douglas Levere

A - Leather bag

I got that while I was a grad student and studying in Rome, in the summer of ’92. It’s indestructible. I guess it’s an artifact in its own right!

B - Ancient erotica

I occasionally throw an image from one of these titles into a PowerPoint. It keeps my students on their toes.

C - Metal/wooden filing cabinets

These are full of overhead projector slides, which I mistakenly used to think were “the future.” I started collecting them in grad school, but of course now we all use our computers.

D - Rug

I collect antique tribal carpets; this one is from Northern Iraq and is more than 100 years old. No, no, put your feet down—it was made to be used.

E - CDs and speakers

I’m always listening to classical music at the office. I’m  also a huge jazz fan. I’ve always wondered why more people don’t listen to music at work.

F - Helmet on lamp

It’s a cheap replica, given to me by a student who bought it in Greece.

G - Inspiration:

“Archeology is Fact not Truth; for Truth go to the Philosophy Department along the hall.” —Indiana Jones