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Book cover of Shot in the Head: A Sister’s Memoir, A Brother’s Struggle

Katherine Flannery Dering (MA ’71)

Using a mix of narrative, photographs, emails and pictures of cherished objects, Dering, one of 10 siblings, documents her family’s struggles to care for her younger brother Paul, who suffered from schizophrenia (until his death at the age of 48 from lung cancer) during the deinstitutionalization of New York State’s hospital system. (Bridgecross, 2014)

Book cover of Things to Do with Your Mouth

Divya Victor (PhD ’13)

Victor probes the boundaries of history resulting from its repeated suppression of women’s speech—physically as well as metaphorically. Inspired by archaic, often gruesome, practices (like attempting to silence accused 17th-century witches for eternity by filling their dead mouths with gravel), Victor’s poems unflinchingly confront society’s “fear of speaking women.” (Les Figues Press, 2014)

Book cover of How to Play in a Rock or Jazz Band

Jeffrey Vigness (MM ’02)

This primer for beginner soloists and rhythm section musicians outlines basic music theory and common song structures in an easy-to-follow format. To get your feet tapping, Vigness offers free, complimentary play-along tracks (downloadable at jeffreyvigness. com). (Disproportionate Press, 2013)

Book cover of Unfinished Stories: The Narrative Photography of Hansel Mieth and Marion Palfi

Janet Zandy (PhD ’96)

“Unfinished Stories” follows the lives and careers of Hansel Mieth (1909-1998) and Marion Palfi (1907-1978). Mieth was the second female staff photographer at Life magazine, while Palfi’s work landed the cover of the first issue of Ebony magazine. Zandy, an award-winning author who documents American working-class culture, offers a fascinating look at these two German-born émigrées who had “remarkably similar photo narratives of unseen America.” (RIT Press, 2013)

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