Alumni Life: Out of the Blue

Chance encounters between UB alumni around the globe

Seoul, South Korea

A photo of two UB alumni smiling.
“Life is cool. It has a way of surprising you. ”
Chuck Baek (BA ’16)

UB alumni constitute a network of more than 249,000 people worldwide, so it’s no wonder we make some random connections in unexpected places. Chuck Baek (BA ’16) of Seoul, South Korea, shared his story of running into a fellow Bull who was on a visit far from home.

“The other night, as I was roaming around the Gangnam District, a foreigner walked up to me and asked for directions. She was looking for an expat-friendly bar in the area where she could unwind and enjoy a glass of wine. Since I’m a good guy, I decided to guide her. Walking amid the hustle and bustle of the area, we asked each other loads of questions. It turns out the lady was a PhD graduate from UB! We hollered at the top of our lungs, hugging each other, when I told her I am also a UB grad. She kept going, “Shut! Up! Did you really graduate from UB?” It was an extraordinary moment. The woman works at a cancer institute in San Francisco, and came to Korea to give a talk at Seoul National University. We had a laughter-filled, hour-long conversation at the bar and then we hugged good-bye. I wished her all the best of luck in her future endeavors and vice versa. Life is cool. It has a way of surprising you.” 


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