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Alumni represent at STEM Career Fair

Photo of General Mills employees in Alumni Arena during a career fair.

Lisa Vogt (BS ’13) of General Mills encourages recent engineering grads to think outside the box—or in this case, inside the box—when considering potential employers.


Of the 125 companies that filled the floor of Alumni Arena in October—on the lookout for grads with science, technology, engineering and math skills—more than a third had proud UB alumni at their tables. At Buffalo talked to reps from three of them.

“You need to be flexible. Your future may lead to different things than what your background is in, so be prepared to adapt, and never stop learning.”

Derek Ofori (BS ’05)

Representing aerospace defense contractor L-3 Communications

“Take advantage of your network—whether it’s your professors, classmates, TAs, anyone you know and can connect with.”

Michael Ruth (BS ’14)

Representing semiconductor manufacturer GLOBALFOUNDRIES

“Get your résumé out there, even to unexpected places.”

Nathalie Winder (BS ’16)

Representing food manufacturer General Mills

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