Alumni Life: Show Your Age

Show Your Age: Alumni proudly date themselves

What was the first presidential election you voted in?


“My first election was in 1972 when I was 20 years old. I voted for McGovern who sadly lost the election to Nixon. This was the first election in which those 18 years of age could vote. I am proud of my involvement in the movement to make this happen. As a senior in high school, I was a member of ‘Citizens for Vote 18,’ which met at the old Norton Union on UB’s South Campus.”

Catherine Kieffer Gervase, MBA ’86
Buffalo, N.Y.

“My first presidential election was 1980: Carter/Reagan/Anderson. I wasn’t happy with any of these candidates, so I wrote in former President Gerald Ford.”

Thomas Pellitieri, BA ’83
Toledo, Ohio 

“1976 for Jimmy Carter. I remember hearing Congressman John Anderson speak in Norton Union.”

Jim Jordan, BA ’85
Pennington, N.J.

“My first was 1992 because I was 16 days short of being able to vote in 1988.”

Karen Russ, MLS ’94
Little Rock, Ark.

“I voted in the 1968 election, the year before I went to Vietnam and served with the 25th Infantry Division as an artillery recon sergeant.”

Paul Bennet, BA ’69
Gulf Shores, Ala.

“My first presidential vote went for Harry Truman. His mishandling of the Korean War changed my perception of his ability to lead our country.”

Gordon Gibson, BA ’57
Orangevale, Calif.