Working Artists Labs are designed to allow Buffalo artists, UB students, faculty, and visiting artists to develop new work and collaborate across disciplines. Leading figures in the arts are invited by the Arts Collaboratory to engage with the UB and Buffalo arts communities, and over the course of a semester, UB students learn what it’s like to be out in the world as a working artist.

Our arts incubator, The Space Between, is relocating! Throughout the Fall and Winter of 2021, it will be appearing in pop-up locations throughout Buffalo. Our new permanent location will be open in Spring 2022! Equal parts studio, performance space, reading room and gallery, The Space Between challenges expectations, pressures test new ideas, and shows work that’s still in progress. If you’re an artist who’s interested bringing your unique set of talents to a collaboration at The Space Between, please contact us!

The Arts Collaboratory wants to see what happens when Buffalo’s legendary art worlds merge. To foster city-wide collaboration, we’re making Collaboration Grants available to groups of two or more artists from different disciplines who join forces to create a new work of art. If you’re a videographer whose new film idea could use an original score or a dancer looking for an illustrator to animate your signature moves, an Arts Collaboratory Collaboration Grant may be able to help you make your vision a reality.

The Artist-in-Residence is an annual opportunity for UB students in the arts to receive a live-work space at 500 Seneca, generously sponsored by Savarino Companies. The goals of the residency are to support and encourage the development of a UB student’s artistic practice, retain top creative talent, and forge stronger ties to the Buffalo arts community.