Buffalo Street Art Bike Tour

On August 7th, join us for a FREE Street Art of Buffalo Bike Tour!

large sculpted wooly mammoth outdoors.
spray painted haelsm on red building.
spray painted mickey mouse on building.

The Arts Collaboratory’s Street Art of Buffalo Bike Tours will take riders on a journey through the history of street art, the challenges faced by those who create it, and their motivations for hitting the streets with a bucket of wheat paste or a can of spray paint. We’ll start with an homage to the illicit art of urban graffiti—perhaps one of the most influential art styles of all time. As we cross the fine line into the world of street art, we’ll meet and chat with many of the artists responsible. 

The tours will be tributes to the incredible power of street art—as a voice for the marginalized, a means of beautifying the blighted, and a way to bring the surprise and delight of art to our daily lives. We promise—these won’t be like any bike tours you’ve ever gone on.