The Arts Today In Buffalo

Hosted by Bronwyn Keenan, Director, UB Arts Collaboratory

October 20, 7pm

 Dancers, painters, poets, drag performers and hip-hop producers. The artists we spotlight at the Arts Collaboratory represent every facet of the Buffalo art scene. We look for artists with unique perspectives. We welcome experimenters, revolutionaries and iconoclasts. We love activists who are brave enough to pinpoint society’s problems—and visionaries who can see possibilities. Our guiding principle is the power of synergy. We know that whenever creative minds come together, great art and big ideas will result. In this UB Alumni Academy virtual session, Bronwyn Keenan will introduce a selection of artists who make the Buffalo scene hum, sharing work you wouldn’t otherwise encounter. Our goal is to send you home with ideas you wouldn’t have had, and our hope is you’ll reach out and share them with each other.

people sitting on a stage, being filmed.