Show Your Work

Curated by Jacob Vogan (BA ’19)

Presented and produced by UB Arts Collaboratory

UB Center for the Arts Atrium

Fall 2020 – Spring 2021

With Depression-era photographer Walker Evans in mind, Jacob Vogan (BA ‘19) organizes a living installation that presents a portrait of a community as a way to tangibly realize how art can positively bring about change. Building on the long history of creative experimentation in Buffalo, Vogan hopes to create a tribute to the many artists that have been working over the past months in this city, as well as create a visual framework to generate dialogue between disparate creative communities. This installation is an ongoing invitation to collaborate, and will evolve with time as more of the Buffalo community is documented.

woman standing on deck with water in background.

Alana Adetola

person standing on stone steps outside.

Maryam Muliaee

man in blue t-shirt sitting outside in city.

Robert Harris

woman taking off coat with green squares in background.

Ana Vafai

older man sitting on porch with dog.

Jim Watkins

person in hooded sweatshirt on steps outside.

Baron Frankenstein

person wearing a blazer looking at camera.

Felipe Shibuya

woman outside with scarf in snowy field.

Sara Heidinger

person standing with rocks and trees in background.

Nicole Chochrek

person in chair outside with "for real seeing sounds" painted on door.

$eeing $ounds

older man on chair inside.

Charles Clough

woman with water in background outside.

Kyla Kegler

person sitting on blue and white couch inside.

Max Collins

woman in green dress standing in woods.

Naila Ansari

woman sitting in a chair inside.

Hayley Carrow-Janecki

man standing outside holding a camera.

Jacob Vogan

woman in blue dress outside smiling.

Anne Burnidge

man sitting on stool with bare drywall behind him.

Jamie Currie

woman outside smiling.

Megan Kyle

woman sitting on purple couch.
person sitting on steps outside looking at camera.

Moshe Douglas

woman wearing scarf on head in front of wall with painted symbols.


person wearing puffy white clothing on their top and shorts.

Pillow Princess

man and woman standing on city sidewalk with pillars in background.


person in red sports jersey standing in front of wall painted with letters.

Melissa Rivera

group of four people one holding a camera posing.

Art Dealer

person standing on steps that lead to water.

Pam Glick

woman in white dress leaning in a field.

Alma Peguero

person with short hair standing outside.

Addison Laczkowski

man outside in field.

Noah Falck

woman in park looking at camera.

Abby Feldman

man on motorcycle inside with black cat.

Ian De Beer

person standing on rocks near water wearing a mask.

Joan Linder

woman in green dress in storefront.

Victoria Udondian

man with a hat standing outside.

Mani Mehrvarz

man DJ'ing.

Toney Boi

person sitting on chair with plywood and metal rack in background.

John Toohill

person sitting on the ground outside with backpack.

John Opera

person smiling standing with black background.

Michael Seward

man with beard and building in background.

Robert Sturm

man in chair on wooden porch.

Nando Alvarez-Perez

woman smiling standing next to large A sculpture.

Jennifer Ryan