Female / Fall 2019

The fall 2019 season of programming—with the thematic focus of FEMALE—cast a spotlight on the work of women artists representing a profusion of styles and disciplines. The theme continues through spring 2020.

As novelist Kirsten Miller writes in her essay accompanying Arts Collaboratory FEMALE programming, “Creation is female’s prerogative. We call the earth female for life springs from her womb. We revel in her bounty, aware that it’s fleeting. What she gives, she’ll soon take away. Like nature, female’s dark side is destruction. She’s unpredictable, merciless and unfailingly deadly. She is the benevolent goddess who gave birth to the universe. She is also the sister whose shears trim life’s strings.” …

 “History is the battle to harness female power, but like moonlight it can’t be controlled or contained. Female is the triple-faced goddess—the beginning, the end and every pregnant moment in between.”

Fall 2019 Collaborators

College of Arts and Sciences, School of Architecture and Planning
UB Departments of Art, Music, Theatre and Dance, Media Study, Arts Management, Transnational Studies, English
UB Art Galleries, Humanities Institute, Honors College
Sustainable Environments, Diversity and Inclusion
Silo City, Rigidized Metals, 500 Seneca, Burchfield Penney, PUSH Buffalo, Torn Space, Dapper Goose