The City / Fall 2021

This Fall, the Arts Collaboratory Celebrates The City

For as long as THE CITY has existed, it’s been home to artists. A simple walk down the street can provide endless inspiration. Murals and messages written on walls call to every passerby. Music pours out of cars, and the sidewalks become runways. It’s little wonder that THE CITY gave birth to the greatest art movement of our time. Fifty years ago, teenagers gathered at block parties to invent a new style of music. Graffiti artists took over the trains. Dance joined the revolution and fashion followed. Artists collaborated, disciplines converged, and hip-hop took over the world.

THE CITY is where people and ideas are meant to meet—but it’s been a while since we’ve been able to come together. Finally, this Fall, UB students and faculty are returning to Buffalo. That’s cause enough for celebration. Let’s make the most of Buffalo.

Major support provided by Savarino Companies and Bortolami NYC.