Tayron Lopez

Tayron Lopez smiling with artwork on the wall behind them.

Sometimes It’s About Race, Sometimes It’s Not… But Sometimes It Is

Cass Gallery

500 Seneca, Buffalo

March 18–April 18, 2022

Opening: Friday, March 18, 6–8pm

Hours: Monday–Friday, 9am–5pm; Saturday by appointment only

Major support provided by Savarino Companies.

Tayron Lopez’s new body of work explores the emotion behind covert and overt racism while creating a space for dialogue and validation on what’s universally felt among people of color, but not often understood or explicitly acknowledged. The lack of explicit acknowledgment and transparency can breed assumption (often unvoiced), which leads to repression and ultimately subconscious manifestation (code switching, paranoia and self-doubt). Through several interviews, automatic autobiographic drawings, and research, Tayron sets out to explore the thoughts and feelings of others when confronted by covert and overt forms of racism.