Ladies First

text grandmaster flash draw in front of a city skyline.

A deeper look at the women driving Buffalo’s burgeoning hip-hop scene

Curated by Schondra Aytch

Presented by UB Arts Collaboratory, Sneakvibing and Torn Space Theater

Torn Space Theater

612 Fillmore Avenue, Buffalo

Saturday, April 23, 7pm–9pm

On the surface, hip-hop appears to be a male-dominated sport. Since the genre’s inception, women have redefined the sound, look and culture of the genre without receiving proper credit. As a new generation of listeners, artists and industry folk challenge the outdated perspectives that have often existed within the hip-hop community, it is imperative to create a space where women are celebrated for their contributions to the most influential sound in the world. In Buffalo, where the rising hip-hop scene is reaching a new frontier, many women who are involved in the musical arts have a twofold mission: perfecting their gift and nurturing their community. 

With a gentle nod to the four elements of hip-hop, these ladies will showcase their talent and tell their stories along with a handful of women propagating hip-hop. You will not only learn what they do, but also why they do it. In the powerful words of Queen Latifah, this is “Ladies First.”

—Schondra Aytch, January 2022.