Homegrown / Spring 2022

Artists are often asked where they find inspiration. The truth is, many (if not most) artists are inspired by the places and people they see every day. Their families, their neighborhoods, their communities provide the raw materials that artists transform into words, notes or paint.

Great art needs rich, fertile soil to grow. Here in Buffalo, there’s plenty to be found. So, this spring, the Arts Collaboratory challenges you to stay right where you are. Don’t look elsewhere—open your eyes to all the wonders around you. Explore your own roots. Discover your neighborhood muse. Dig deeper. Plant enough seeds and you’ll happily reap what you sow. Because as any artist will tell you, more often than not, their best work is HOMEGROWN.

For our spring 2022 season, the Arts Collaboratory has put together a season of labs, installations, classes, concerts and workshops that have all grown from the fertile ground of UB and Buffalo’s arts communities.

Major support provided by Savarino Companies.