Sara Heidinger

Sarah Heidinger.

Sara Heidinger. Photography can showcase beauty in ordinary things. After studying photography at Mckinley high school, Sara continued to fine-tune her craft at the University at Buffalo and for years afterwards in New York City. She moved back to Buffalo and splits her time now between Undergrounds Coffee House & Roastery, which she is part owner, and Photography.

Sara’s quest to uncover joy through photography has taken her on many adventures and given her the opportunity to connect with people she may never have crossed paths with.Her journey has become more than just creating a final product, but a celebration of experiences for herself and others that may have been unknown otherwise. Sara’s creative, yet comfortable approach allows for the capture of truly vulnerable, real, and esteemed moments and objects. Her portraits of people and places convey empathy for the living, but also breathe life into the untouched. Sara joined the Arts Collaboratory team this past November.

See more of Sara’s photography on her website.