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A world-renowned expert in materials science and technology, Jia holds 49 U.S. patents.

UB in the News


Professor Jeremy Finn spoke to the Associated Press about the shootings one year ago in Parkland, Florida, and subsequent efforts to prepare for school shootings.


An article on CNBC about proposals that would increase taxes on the wealthiest families in the country interviews Matthew Dimick, professor of law. 



An article in USA Today about the federal government shutdown and President Donald Trump’s offer to extend protections for some young immigrants in exchange for border wall funding and possibly bring an end to the shutdown, an offer that Democrats denounced, interviews Jacob Neiheisel, associate professor of political science. 


An article on ABC News about this month’s super wolf blood moon, which will be visible throughout North America, especially on the eastern side of the continent, interviews Tracy Gregg, professor of geology, who discussed the extremely rare full lunar eclipse.


A story and video in The New York Times features researcher Ingo Sonder and UB's Center for Geohazards Studies department, who are brewing their own lava and injecting it with water to understand the physical processes that drive explosive reactions when lava and water meet in nature.