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The award is given annually to individuals who demonstrate leadership in advancement programs, furtherance of the philanthropic tradition, and public articulation of needs, goals, and issues in education.

UB in the News


A story on NPR featured Jeremy Finn discussing whether lockdown drills in schools are effective. "Research on security measures is in a very sad state," he said.


An article in The Washington Post about reality television and the Top 5 myths about the popular and profitable genre quotes UB psychologists who studied how viewers formed parasocial bonds with Donald Trump when he was host of “The Apprentice.” 


An article in National Geographic interviews Jack Tseng about a newly described species that belonged to a giant meat-eating mammal larger than a polar bear and resembling a big lion.


ESPN featured the work of Mark Karwan and how mathematics played an essential role in creating the NFL schedule. 


An article in TIME Magazine featured James Coleman Battista discussing legislation introduced in New York State this week that would make President Donald Trump’s state income tax returns public.