Young Alumni Leadership Council

University at Buffalo Young Alumni Leadership Council.

Young alumni leadership council members networking during the Western New York All-alumni event.

The Young Alumni Leadership Council is an international group of the University at Buffalo’s most active and engaged young alumni who are selected to serve on behalf of the Young Alumni Program, the UB Alumni Association, and the University at Buffalo.  The council actively represents and promotes the on-going mission of UB’s young alumni program through volunteerism and advocacy.

For more information on the council, contact Andrew Wilcox at 716-645-3314 or at

Leadership Council Listing

Tyler Bauer, BS '14 LinkedIn
Sarah Bernsdorf, PMBA '15 LinkedIn
Christine Bork, BA '15 LinkedIn
Susan Bork, MS '11, BS '10 LinkedIn
Jennifer Breier, MS '14 LinkedIn
Laura Briatico, BA '09 LinkedIn
Timothy Calnon, DDS '13 LinkedIn
Nancy Campos, EdM '09, BA '06 LinkedIn
Akin Caulcrick, MS '11 LinkedIn
Matthew Cohen, BS '09 LinkedIn
Emily Congdon, BS '15 LinkedIn
Jarrett Coppin, BS '09 LinkedIn
Eilish Cumbo, PMBA '16 LinkedIn
Christopher Eglin, MBA '14, BA '12 LinkedIn
Tuesday Goodband, BA '15 LinkedIn
Adam Hammer, MS '14 LinkedIn
Margaret Herdzik, BS '15 LinkedIn
Jessica Hutchings, MSW '09 LinkedIn
Paul Hutchings, BA '08 LinkedIn
Jessica Imagna, EdM '15 LinkedIn
Sumaita Kabir, BS '15 LinkedIn
Celine Keefe, MBA '17 LinkedIn
Shaheryar Khan, BS '14 LinkedIn
Christina Kim, BA '14 LinkedIn
Ashley Knickerbocker, PMBA '15 LinkedIn
Lisa Kulka, BA '12 LinkedIn
Laura Kuroski, MS '14 LinkedIn
Carl Lam, EdM '16 LinkedIn
Joseph LaVare, BS '09 LinkedIn
Jennifer Lay, BS '15 LinkedIn
Jason MacLean, PMBA '15 LinkedIn
Francis Mahaney, BS '12 LinkedIn
Eileen Maher, MS '12, BS '12 LinkedIn
Emily Malkowski, BA '17 LinkedIn
Anthony Marchesiello, MBA '17 LinkedIn
Chris Maugans, JD '14, BS '10 LinkedIn
Kat McDonald, BA '07 LinkedIn
Andrea Molina, BA '15 LinkedIn
Jeff Morrisey, BA '12 LinkedIn
Sarah Myers, BA '14 LinkedIn
Geoffrey Nason, BA '03 LinkedIn
Danielle Ostrander, BS '15 LinkedIn
Christy Panagakis, PhD '15, MA '09 LinkedIn
Thomas Piwtorak, BS '09 LinkedIn
Amit Prayag, MBA '13 LinkedIn
Matthew Prok, BA '11, BS '11 LinkedIn
West Richter, MBA '13, BS '13 LinkedIn
Marcene Robinson, BA '13 LinkedIn
Ryan Sattler, BS '11 LinkedIn
Jakki Skobjak, MBA '17 LinkedIn
Rachel Stern, BA '12 LinkedIn
Bree Tom, MBA '17 LinkedIn
Stefano Verdesoto, EDM '15 LinkedIn
Lauren Vitkus, DDS '14 LinkedIn