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About the Alumnae Scholarship

In 1941, alumnae from what was then called the University 'of' Buffalo created a scholarship for female students registered in any department or division of the university.

In 2010, the UB Alumni Association (UBAA) proudly reintroduced the Alumnae Scholarship. The UBAA is a volunteer-led, international organization that provides support for, and services to, alumni. We strive to create and promote lifelong bonds with our graduates, and work to inspire them to care about the past, present and future of the university. Together with our alumni, we support the University at Buffalo (UB) as one of America’s great public research universities. The UBAA encourages UB students and alumni to take pride in their UB experience and pass that enthusiasm on to their children, prospective students, faculty, staff and community.

Today’s UBAA Alumnae Scholarship is awarded to women at UB who have demonstrated not only engagement but leadership. Scholarships will be awarded to qualifying full- or part-time students in any academic discipline or course of study. Awards are made without regard to race, creed, color, citizenship or religion.In 1941, alumnae from what was then called the University 'of' Buffalo created a scholarship for female students registered in any department or division of the university.

Instructions to Applicants

Deadline: Applications for the 2018-19 academic year scholarship(s) must be submitted between January 1 and June 30, 2018. Any application that is incomplete or received after June 30, 2018 will not be considered. The applicant is responsible for ensuring that all materials are received by the June 30 deadline.

Eligibility: An applicant must be a woman who is currently enrolled at UB, either full-time or part-time. Without exception, all applicants must be registered to attend UB for the fall 2018 academic semester. Self-nominations are required. To be eligible for the scholarship, undergraduate applicants must have completed a minimum of 30 credit hours at UB. A graduate student who graduated from UB and is continuing into a graduate program at UB may apply for her first semester as a graduate student. If her undergraduate degree was earned at a college or university other than UB, she must have completed a minimum of 15 credit hours at UB as a graduate student. Prior recipients (whether graduate or undergraduate students) of this scholarship are not eligible to apply for a second award.

Scholarship amount: The amount of the scholarship(s) award for the 2018-19 academic year is $3,000. The scholarship may be given to one recipient or shared by up to two recipients. UBAA reserves the right to revise or suspend this program without notice.

Applying: Applications must be completed in full. Submit only the items requested. No additional materials will be considered. Applications may be submitted either by using this online form. Only students meeting eligibility requirements will be considered. If you are unable to fill out this form online and require assistance, please contact the alumni office.

Only one scholarship or merit award per year from the UBAA/UBFAN may be received by any one individual. However, you may apply for more than one UBAA/UBFAN scholarship or merit award at a time. In the event you are selected to receive more than one award in a year, you will receive the scholarship that has the higher monetary value available at the time.

Selection Criteria: The UBAA Alumnae Scholarship is intended to recognize women who exemplify the University’s ideals of leadership, learning, and service and who show promise for continuing to advance those ideals throughout their lives and careers. Applicants will be evaluated based on the following list of weighted criteria, in order of priority:

  1. Evidence of, and interest in, engagement and leadership.
    The Selection Committee is looking less for the number of activities or events a candidate engages in, and more for a depth and quality of engagement that leads to genuine benefit, even transformation, for the UB community and the world beyond.

    a.) Engagement in UB activities will generally be given first priority, but non-UB community activities such as volunteer organizations, athletic, social or religious engagement will also be strongly considered. The scholarship focuses on engagement during undergraduate and/or graduate school; candidates should not rely on high school activities to make their case. Activities required by or directly associated with credit-bearing courses do not count as engagement. In the case of graduate students, however, the Committee recognizes the significance of engagement in activities related to one’s field and profession.

    b.) Leadership does not necessarily mean elected or appointed positions, though these are welcome evidence of commitment. More significant will be evidence of the leadership shown in such positions.

  2. Academic achievement, as evidenced by grade point average (GPA) and academic honors and awards.
  3. Financial need.

Selection Process: Each application will be independently reviewed by members of the UBAA Alumnae Scholarship Committee in order to assess the qualifications of each candidate based on the weighted criteria described above. Finalists will be notified by email, and will be required to participate in an interview process. Decisions about the final award recipient(s) will be based on the assessments of the finalists by the interview committee.

Notification: Scholarship recipient(s) will be notified of the results by telephone, and recipient names will be listed on the alumni website.

Publicity disclaimer: Submitting an application constitutes permission for use of the information contained in the application or its supporting information for marketing and publicity purposes as may be deemed appropriate by the Alumnae Scholarship Committee, UB Alumni Association and/or the University at Buffalo.

Questions? If you have any questions, please contact the UB Alumni Association at 1-800-284-5382 or via email.

Scholarship Application


For Graduate Students


For Undergraduate Students

List all pertinent awards and honors you have received.

Submit an Activity Transcript from the Leadership Development Center -OR– a List of Activities (resume style) outlining your UB extra-curricular activities and what they entail. (PDF, doc, docx, txt are acceptable file formats).


1,000 words maximum. Your essay must include the following:

-Your background, experience with various kinds of engagement on- and off-campus, and general interests.
-Your academic qualifications
-Any financial needs for consideration
-Your short- and long-term career goals
-What your time at UB means/has meant to you, and how you envision UB being a part of your life in the future.

Your essay should also describe your understanding of leadership and how leadership applies to you. It may include, but is not limited to the following:

-A discussion of the leadership qualities you believe you possess.
-Examples of ways in which you have demonstrated leadership.
-A description of someone whose leadership has inspired you and whom you seek to emulate.


Provide two letters of recommendation (no more than one page each). One letter must be written by a UB faculty or senior staff member who can describe your engagement activities. The second letter (which may or may not be from a UB faculty or senior staff member) must be a from a leader of an activity in which you are, or recently have been, engaged.

If desired, your references may SUBMIT THEIR LETTER DIRECTLY by campus mail, in person, or from the reference's email account to UBAA will verify all letters with the person who submitted it.

University at Buffalo Alumni Association 
ATTN: Alumnae Scholarship
University at Buffalo
201 Harriman Hall
Buffalo, New York 14214

It is your responsibility to ensure your letter of support is received by June 30. Your application is not complete and will not be considered without letters of support.

By clicking "Submit" I hereby declare all of the information contained in my application and supporting materials is true and accurate.