Expedition to Antarctica

Antarctica cruise with penguins in foreground.

With a post-extension to Iguazú Falls

Join us for this spectacular 14-day journey featuring a nine‑night exclusively chartered cruise to Antarctica, Earth’s last frontier. Experience the White Continent in its unspoiled state - fantastically shaped icebergs, turquoise glaciers, bustling penguin rookeries and breaching whales. Accompanied by Jason Briner, professor in the UB Department of Geology (whose research focuses on global climate change and is funded by the National Science Foundation), as well as the ship’s expert team of naturalists, board sturdy Zodiac watercraft for excursions ashore and observe Antarctica’s abundant wildlife.

Be among the fortunate few to set foot on the continent of Antarctica.   Watch as normal human scales and reference points disappear amidst the grandeur of nature in its most pristine form, from extended sunrises that paint the icescape in soft shades of pink, where humpback whales, leopard seals and Adelie penguins swim among the sparkling turquoise glaciers and glimmering icebergs.  

Event registration information

When: January 17 - 30, 2023
Cost: Cabins start at $10,295 per person based on double occupancy 
Optional Post-tour: Iguazú Falls

You can contact travel program coordinator Sarah Doody with questions or to register. 

Phone: 904-432-3141
Fax:      866-427-5335
Email:  sarahdoo@buffalo.edu