Bold Moments in Florida

you're invited to florida.

Alumni and friends met to define what it means to be bold and discuss our university’s bright future.

On Feb. 25, Feb. 26 and Feb. 28, President Satish K. Tripathi, Vice President of University Advancement Rod Grabowski and Boldly Buffalo volunteers hosted alumni and friends in Palm Beach, Naples and Sarasota, respectively, to learn more about the campaign and catch a glimpse of UB's bright future.

Palm Beach Naples Sarasota

Photos from the reception

Please enjoy these wonderful memories of our time together in Naples.

UB Scholars

David Schmid
Associate Professor, Department of English

David Schmid.

"From Alexander the Great to Kim Kardashian: A Brief History of Fame"
Today’s American culture is obsessed with fame. Whether it’s a desire for that lifestyle or our enjoyment of the self-destructive tendencies of the rich and famous, that fascination is centuries old. Professor Schmid discussed the role fame plays in American culture and will examined the ways in which pop culture has propagated our collective obsession with fame.

Robert Shibley
Dean, School of Architecture and Planning

Robert Shibley.

“See it Through Buffalo”
“See It Through Buffalo” documents the complex relationship between a school and its city. Presented as a documentary short, the film reveals the varied urban landscapes and histories of Buffalo and the school's work within them. The film was produced by the School of Architecture and Planning in collaboration with Paget Films and debuted internationally at the Time Space Existence exhibition at the 2018 Venice Architecture Biennale. 

Mark Frank, BA ’83
Professor and Chair,
Department of Comunication

Mark Frank.

“Lies and Lie Catching”
This talk discussed human deception, the basics of what happens, how deception may appear and the difficulties in trying to determine whether someone is lying.

Mara Huber, PhD '00
Associate Dean, Undergraduate Research and Experiential Learning

Mara Huber.

"High-Impact Experiential Learning: The UB-Tanzania Partnership”
UB students are connecting with partners in the remote Mara region of Tanzania to support women’s empowerment through experiential learning and collaborative innovation. This talk showcased plans to expand the project with a digital portal that will transform local and global partnerships into opportunities for customized student engagement and community impacts.

A very special thank you from your UB Florida campaign volunteers

The campaign volunteer team includes alumni, faculty, staff and friends from throughout the UB community. By sharing their practical experience and diverse expertise, these leaders help ensure that the campaign will succeed.

  • Gregory Bauer, BS ’82
  • Joanne Bauer, BS ’82
  • Richard Floersch, MBA ’80, BS ’80
  • Paul Nussbaum, BA ’67
  • David Simon, BS ’74
  • Connie Vari, EMBA ’04, MS ’97, BS ’94
  • Mark Zmijewski, PhD ’83, MBA ’81, BS ’76

Here's How You Can Be Boldly Buffalo

At the University at Buffalo, being bold means discovering better medicines, inventing faster computers and smarter materials, inspiring world-class performances, and solving society’s most complex challenges.

It means turning hard-working students into thoughtful, global leaders—year after year—guided at each step by award-winning faculty.

And it means helping millions of citizens around the world improve their environment, their health, their prosperity and their community, as we continue to make an immeasurable impact on the world.

Your investment in UB will make a difference, whether you support a scholarship for one UB student, endow a professor who will inspire thousands, or fund a cancer cure that saves the lives of millions. This is our bold promise to you.