Distinguished Alumni Award: Graduate School of Education

John McKenna, EdD '08.

McKenna, a recipient of numerous awards as well as a distinguished speaker on educational issues, is assistant superintendent in the Williamsville Central School District. 

John McKenna, EdD ’08, assistant superintendent in the Williamsville Central School District since 2017, is known and respected for his innovative ideas, dedication to education and his passion to ensure that students receive the best possible educational experiences. He previously served as a principal in the Tonawanda City School District for 22 years. McKenna’s commitment to education has resulted in numerous awards and honors at the regional, state and national level. He is a published author and distinguished speaker who has presented throughout the United States as well as internationally. He has held multiple prestigious leadership positions such as the President of Phi Delta Kappa, The Committee for Identifying and Developing Educational Leadership and the School Administrators Association of New York State. He regularly gives back to the university by engaging in a variety of ways, including serving on the board of the UB Alumni Association and as president of the Graduate School of Education Alumni Association. 

Distinguished Alumni Awards

These awards are given in recognition of exceptional career accomplishments, community or university service, and research and scholarly activity.