The Return to Work Journey

Business woman and businessman having a conversation.

Supporting alumnae as they return to the workforce.

Terri Gregos

Terri Gregos.

Join Terri Gregos, director of community engagement at reacHIRE, as she presents a step-by-step process for women to navigate a return-to-work journey. This session will better equip alumnae who may be contemplating, planning, or implementing a return and are looking for support on how to successfully execute their search.

What you'll learn:

  • How to connect the dots from the perspective of a #WomanReturner
  • Fresh ideas, tips, and advice alumnae can use to empower themselves to successfully navigate the next chapter of their careers
  • reacHIRE’s mission and processes to #EmpowerWomen

Terri Gregos is the Director of Community Engagement at reacHIRE. ReacHIRE seeks to move businesses forward by bringing women back to the workforce. Through gender diversity programs tailored to a company's unique culture and business needs, reacHIRE carefully selects and prepares under-the-radar, top talent who voluntarily off-ramped from their careers and are ready to on-ramp into defined project assignments or permanent roles. Terri brings a wealth of recruitment marketing expertise including employment branding and talent community development from BNY Mellon. She also is a certified Career Coach and was Assistant Dean, Director of Career Services, at the University of Pittsburgh.

Originally presented on Wednesday, June 6, 2018.