Social Storytelling

Jacob Schupbach.

Driving social media communications with an engaging narrative.

In this webinar you will learn the following:

  • Social best practices: Share insights on what makes for good social. Offer tips from my time with HBO, Hulu, and UB
  • Understanding tone: Knowing when to align with brand standards and when to break away from them in social
  • Strategy vs. execution: How short-term posts build into a long- term strategy
  • Visual Culture of Imagery: What makes an image shareable? How the screenshot has become a new means of photography.
  • Community Management: How to maintain an active and engaged community of followers
  • Analytics: Adding it all up. Tracking everything from numbers to sentiment.

The Q&A portion of this webinar is hosted on the UB Alumni Association Facebook page.

Jacob Schupbach, BS '17, BA '17, is a Social Content Manager at Hi5 Agency. The Burbank based creative agency provides strategy and world-class creative for a variety of partners primarily in the entertainment industry. Prior to joining the Hi5 team, Jacob worked in both higher education and entertainment adding to the social footprints of the University at Buffalo, HBO, and Hulu. With his background in entertainment, Jacob believes strong social media is heavily rooted in raw, authentic and creative storytelling. When he’s not sending snaps to friends, Jacob enjoys binge watching Gossip Girl, volunteering with the Human Rights Campaign and, of course, loves eating Doritos and donuts.

Originally presented on Wednesday, March 28, 2018.