The Power of Video in 2018 and Beyond

Jeff Welcher.

Could the Internet be exclusively video in 2020?

Due to the saturation of high-speed Internet, video content has grown to a level previously thought impossible. Video was a slow evolving technology with 150 years of steady growth until the Internet and smartphones became mainstream and YouTube, Vimeo and Instagram became breeding grounds for creative, professional work that is now readily available to the masses. 114 years passed between video revealing a running horse was capable of simultaneously lifting all four limbs off the ground (1872) and sports replay becoming a staple of televised sporting events (1986). Just TWO years passed between YouTube launching and Justin Beiber becoming a multi-million dollar recording artist...thanks to the power of video!

Jeff Welcher is the owner of Jeff Welcher Video, a Western NY full service video marketing production agency that specializes in impactful local marketing videos and 4K resolution projects. He is a 2003 graduate of The University at Buffalo's Department of Communication and holds a Master's degree in Communication Management from the University of Southern California. Prior to his professional video work, Jeff spent 10 years as a licensed insurance broker in the health insurance and regulatory compliance field.

Originally presented on Wednesday, March 14, 2018.