Happiness in the Workplace

Man laughing in front of a computer in his office.

Do You Want To Be Happier, more often?

Matt Smith, MBA '98

Matt Smith, MBA '98.

In this webinar we will be discussing what happiness is, the science behind happiness and some of the ways to improve your overall happiness.

For your Business.

Are happier employees better employees?

Does Happiness lead to increased engagement?

Excitement? Energy? Enthusiasm? Productivity?

Can Happiness lead to reduced turnover and attraction of better candidates?

Can Happiness improve your bottom line and increase your current and future growth?

In this webinar we will also discuss happiness in the workplace (hint: it's a much more effective word than engagement), the science behind why it works and study results of how companies that have embraced happiness have increased their bottom lines significantly compared to their peers. Matt will also share some tips for getting started. After 30 years in global manufacturing, Matt Smith, MBA '98, founded Perfect Planet which focuses on helping people & organizations seek & achieve better to get the things they want out of life, help them reach their full potential & do the most good in the world. His philosophy is Know.Be.Love.Grow.Share