Seven Social Super Powers

A small group of people in business suits talking.

Being sociable will help your career.

Learn about the social super powers that can help your career.

In today's world of increased ability to connect in so many ways, people are feeling more disconnected than ever. This webinar introduces the "Social Super Powers" to improve overall health and well being by learning the science and art behind how to connect with others. It is important for people to have sociability in order to connect and increase the possibility of meaningful connections in the workplace, business, community, social settings and more. Developing healthy connections with others, greatly improves one's own-mind body spirit connection. This webinar provides an overview and introduces 7 concepts which lay a foundation and provides you the tools to sharpen your social skills.

France McCloskey, of Learning and Motivation Specialists, has her Bachelor's Degree in Social Sciences Interdisciplinary; Cognitive Science/ Double major Psychology from UB. She recently received her Master's in Adult Learning with SUNY Empire. France has started her own practice of Cognitive and Social mentoring. She has worked in the human service field for over 25 years, primarily focusing on teaching life (social) skills to children and adults with significant learning challenges. These skills have helped to successfully integrate people into the world of work, school, community and social settings. For the past 9 years she has worked with undergraduate and graduate student interns on improving their soft skills. Essentially helping them to learn and grow their workplace social skills including; problem solving, conflict resolution, connecting with colleagues, working as part of a team, etc. She is refocusing her aim towards all people who may struggle with or want to sharpen their abilities to improve their social experiences across settings.


Originally presented on Wednesday, November 1, 2017.