How to Stop Chasing Success & Get There Faster

Linda Bucher.

Do you know how to find your definition of success?

**A webinar especially for the women of UB** Do achieving the markers of success leave you unfulfilled? Are you unable to use your knowledge and experience in emotionally rewarding ways? Do you feel tethered, tired and constrained or like a giant juggling act? Are you beginning to question what you’re doing and why?

If you answered “yes” to any of these questions, it’s high time your definition of success reflects who YOU are and what YOU want. In this webinar specifically for the women of the UB community, join Master Certified Life Coach and UB alumnae, Linda Bucher, MBA '91, to help find a new perspective and success on your own terms.

Linda Bucher is a Master Certified Life Coach, coach mentor, speaker & author of "The Confident Coach: Connecting the Work You Love to the Success You Want to Achieve." Known as the "Clarity and Confidence Coach," Linda helps smart, spirited, ambitious people get clear, get confident and go BIG. Linda holds her Master Life Coach Certification and her Professional Life Coach Certification, a Masters degree in Business Administration and a Bachelor of Science degree in Business Management and Information Systems. In her spare time you’ll find Linda at her piano, on the ski slopes, exploring, reading or combing the beach for treasure with her three children, lovingly adopted from Russia.


Originally presented on Wednesday, March 7, 2018.