Adulting 101

France McCloskey.

Take the next step in the science of being human.

The Adulting 101 webinar is a brief introduction of the next course in the series of Connecting: The Science and Art of Being Human. Attempting to navigate the varied environments of social, professional and non-formal communities can cause social anxiety and contribute to social isolation. In addition to social anxiety, research is showing the more we connect through digital modalities, we are feeling more isolated. How do we learn how to meet one of our basic human needs of connecting to others? Practicing social skills in a safe environment to learn how to successfully connect while learning the science behind how and why through Adulting 101. Referring to concepts introduced in the“7 Social Super Powers”, Adulting 101 applies the concepts to a variety of settings, such as social, informal(volunteering/community), phone/remote communication, formal (social/business), roommate,etc.

France McCloskey, of Learning & Motivation Specialists, has her Bachelor's Degree in Social Sciences Interdisciplinary; Cognitive Science/ Double major Psychology from SUNY UB. She earned he Master's in Adult Learning from SUNY Empire. She has worked in the human service field for over 25 years, primarily focusing on teaching life (social) skills to children and adults with significant learning challenges. These skills have helped to successfully integrate people into the world of work, school, community and social settings. Her passion is to create knowledge from research and determine how to apply it to change behavior resulting in an improvement in quality of life. Through L & M Specialists, she has developed a variety of workshop programs to teach people ways to develop meaningful connections and teach people social skills.


Originally presented on Wednesday, April 4, 2018.