An Introduction to Volunteering to Serve on a Non-Profit Board

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Learn the inside and outs of being a volunteer leader

Barbara Paxton

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Wednesday, March 30, 2022
Noon-1 p.m. EST

Do you want help finding the right board to volunteer with? Do you know about the responsibilities of nonprofit board members? Over the past year, many have been feeling the need to make an impact and want to give back to our communities. Serving on a nonprofit board is a great way to help. Our University at Buffalo alumni represent a category of board members that organizations need to diversity their boards – by experience, expertise, and perspectives, age, and community voice – and they are looking to do so.

Board service is rewarding for many reasons. The appeal of giving your time, talent and treasure to a nonprofit that serves a cause or community you care about has its own intrinsic rewards. In addition, it can provide opportunities for your personal and professional development. You can build new skills, network, broaden your knowledge of the community, and provide essential expertise to community nonprofits. 

BoardStrong can help empower you with the information, tools and resources necessary to be the most effective board member possible and also connect you with the “right” nonprofit board match. In this workshop, Barbara Paxton, Chief Program Officer of BoardStrong, will walk you through the steps of what it means to serve on the Board of Directors of a nonprofit organization and what you should know before you join one. She will also give you advice about what to consider when you are selecting a board, and how to find a board that needs you. She will demonstrate BoardStrong’s free new matching platform, a great tool for finding the perfect board fit.