Dream Setting

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Alternative Activities to Create Inspiring Pathways to Your Goals & Career

Maria Tomaino

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Wednesday, August 3, 2022
Noon-1 p.m. EST

Goal setting can seem daunting, uninspiring, or a chore to be done. Join UB alumnae, Maria Tomaino, BA '04, in learning about 5 inspirational methods to archetype the career you want. The session will include holistic journal prompts and activities that will give a boost to any job search, or deciding on the next step to take in your life and career. 

About Maria Tomaino
Maria Tomaino is a career coach, yoga teacher, and professional development facilitator and trainer. Maria has coached over 15K clients encouraging them to step into their power and be who they truly are. She has worked in the career services and EdTech space for over 15 years, managed 100s of events and marketing campaigns, taught university level classes and workshops, and collaborated on impactful service projects. Additionally, she teaches sunrise yoga rave classes and is a daily Ashtanga Vinyasa practitioner. Her founding company 108 Coaching, delivers modern career coaching infusing yoga lifestyle and mindset. Maria received her MS in Counselor Education from Syracuse University and her BA in Psychology, Minor in Theatre Arts from the University at Buffalo. Living in Miami, FL, Maria loves performance art, the outdoors, live music, pugs, is a sound healing teacher and remote work advocate. Her motto: “There is no dream job; start creating your dream life!”