The Metabolic Façade

Medical equipment including glucose meter, pills, insulin shots and gloves.

An Exploration Into Non-Pharmaceutical Regiments for Disease Reversal and Overall Sustainability

Dr. Paul Washburn

Dr. Paul Washburn, MPH '16.

Wednesday, June 29, 2022
Noon-1 p.m. EST

UB alumnus, Dr. Paul Washburn, MPH '16, will be reviewing and discussing topics related to currently available Lifestyle Medicine Billing inside of the widely used fee-for-service payment based insurance dominated landscape, Metabolic Fitness, Nutrition effects on disease, Types of Carbohydrate Macro Nutrients, the Glut4 receptor and how it can regulate blood glucose independent of insulin with the introduction metabolic stress and the interconnectivity of the Metabolic Syndrome and Covid-19 on disease exacerbation with needs for higher level of care (hospital settings). Please join us for an interesting review and exploration of some seriously impactful topics inside of the real-world of real-time healthcare. 

About Dr. Washburn
Dr. Washburn's professional passion is to assist patients with staying out of a hospital setting, reduce current disease symptoms and even reverse disease processes. He has formal training in Preventive, Internal, Lifestyle, Public Health medicine, along with Biomechanics and Psychology. His overall goal is to simply assist with increasing patients' quality of life on a daily basis. He performs in-clinic and in-home visits, applies a wide range of clinical practices while being cognoscente of the economic impact on all spectrums of the health continuum. Dr. Washburn currently hosts medical students at the Health Medical Institute for 2-4 week rotations and is the Medical Director of the Cheyenne Marathon, Cottonwood Health Facilities (Cheyenne) and is the Operations Flight Surgeon for the Wyoming Air National Guard.