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In My Opinion

Each month we ask you a question about pop culture, about UB, or about your experiences in general.

October Question

Homecoming and Family Weekend is quickly approaching. What’s your favorite homecoming tradition or memory? Let us know!

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"In My Opinion" Top Responses

  • September Question

    Three songs, a book and a luxury: what would you take to a desert island?
    • Heather O., BS, '12, Buffalo, NY
      "1) Bills Shout Song (because the Bills)
       2) Better Together (my wedding song)
       3) Ants Marching (takes me right back to my HS days)
      Book would Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban. Luxury would have to be a coffee maker / espresso machine!”
  • August Question

    How did you spend your summer break when you were a UB student?
    • Annette Sansone , JD, '81, Depew, NY “Summer 1980 at US DOL enforcing Veteran's Reemployment Rights Act.  Assisted both employers and reserve/National Guard members with employment issues related to performance of military duty.  Experience served me and my clients well in future service as Army Reserve JAG and on NYS Committee for Employer Support of Guard and Reserve.”
    • Tom Trinchera , BA '94, MLS '96 , Poughkeepsie, NY "I spent my summers working for UB! My late father worked for Purchasing & knew several supervisors on both campuses & helped me get a job working in Central Receiving in the Helm building -- did that for 3 yrs. We'd carpool to the campus in the summer so it was very convenient. Later Dad contacted someone in Cent Tech Services in Lockwood & I started working for the UB library system & stayed there for another 3 yrs until I graduated from my master's program. Both jobs were good work; full-time in the summer & part time during the school year. Best thing was having my weekends off! And not having to work a retail or supermarket job was a boon -- I'd done that since I was 16 & you can really wind up with some rotten managers!
      I'd like to encourage current students to find work on campus -- they'll treat you pretty well or better & when the school year begins, they'll work around your schedule. Builds your resume too: looks really good when you can prove you're dependable!"
  • July Question

    Have you ever attended our annual Independence Day celebration? If so, what was your favorite memory?
    • Carol Schmeidler , MS, '14, Buffalo, NY “I love going to the fireworks! Over the years I've gone alone and with good friends - great either way. My favorite things are: People watching; Seeing the fireworks all over WNY from the top of the hill as it gets dark - great view; And, of course, being there for the best show over the lake!”
    • Tom Trinchera , BA '94, MLS '96 , Poughkeepsie, NY "I went to the fireworks once: summer 1996, right after I'd gotten my masters in library studies. Last possible year of college & I was there with a girlfriend & a friend. We set ourselves up in the median of Audubon Pkwy & watch the display. Fun stuff! "