Consider sponsoring our work at the AI Institue through gifts, student support or becoming part of our Research Consortium.

AI Research Sponsorship

Industrial sponsors have a wide range of options for funding research including contracted research, event sponsorship and gifts.  All are a great way to get access to students work in this area as well as setting up partnership opportunities.

For more information, please contact us.

AI Research Consortium

The AI Institute is in the process of establishing a research consortium that will help advance global research capabilities, train graduate students and post-doctoral fellows and undertake collaborative research projects.

The Consortium will provide funding for completion of Projects proposed and submitted by UB faculty. Projects will be selected for support by decision of the Management Committee. 

All consortium partners will have:

  • Access to Institute Research and Training Symposia (live access or access via videoconferencing)
  • Invitations to the Institute's Research and Training Symposia for recruiting opportunities (where sponsors will be provided the opportunity for private interviews with students and fellows supported by the Institute)
  • Access to the Institute's data and software resources in AI
  • Recognition and listing in Institute brochures and website with the potential to display member literature.

Higher level membership will allow partners to be part of the management committee for selecting projects and royalty-free non-exclusive license for internal research purposes to intellectual property generated by the Institute with the potential for non-exclusive or exclusive royalty bearing commercial license.

For more information, please contact us.