Mobile Computing

Researchers in Mobile  Computing make AI applications run smoothly, reliably, and securely on everyday mobile devices.

Today's users of mobile devices benefit from many different kinds of AI applications. They unlock their mobile devices using face recognition. They use voice assistants that they can naturally interact with. They run augmented reality applications that understand what users see and overlay relevant information. In the Mobile and Network Computing area, we ponder the question of how we can better support these AI applications running on mobile devices. We investigate and develop new techniques to make AI applications run as fast as possible, as reliably as possible, and as securely as possible.

The Mobile Computing Thust is led by Dr Steve Y. Ko, an associate professor in the Department of Computer Science and Engineering at the University at Buffalo. His research interests are generally in systems, with the current focus on mobile systems. Before joining UB, he graduated with PhD from UIUC in 2009 and was a postdoc at Princeton. He received the CAREER Award from NSF in 2014, the Young Investigator Award from UB in 2014, the Early Career Teacher of the Year Award from UB Engineering in 2015, the Teaching Innovation Award from UB in 2016, and the Distinguished Alumni Educator Award from CS at UIUC in 2017.