Intelligent Spaces

The Intelligent Spaces thrust investigates the role of AI in the analysis, design, interpretation and performance of the built environment. 

If space is a social product, intelligent spaces are techno-social co-productions. These are spaces where humans and machines understand each other better. They achieve things in partnership that they cannot accomplish alone. Intelligent Spaces research investigates AI's role in this reciprocal relationship between people and space, and identifies ways that AI systems can be brought into conversation with people in the production of more intelligent environments that support economic opportunity and growth, safety and security, health and wellness, and overall quality of life. 

Moving beyond the established instrumental focus of the "Smart Home" and "Smart City" paradigms, this research addresses the technological and social dimensions of these trans-scalar opportunities from a broad and diverse array of perspectives. Complex, multi-faceted techno-social challenges and opportunities requiring innovative, transformative research are prioritized, the goal of catalyzing dynamic and engaging interdisciplinary collaborations and fostering innovative approaches to research. 

Affiliated Faculty