Affiliated Labs and Groups

The Artificial Intelligence Institute is affiliated with Laboratories and Research Groups at the University at Buffalo that conduct AI-related research and solve complex problems using AI-related tools.   

The Artifical Intelligence Innovation Lab (A2IL) is focused on advancing the field of AI and its applications. Its goal is to bring together multidisciplinary research teams to address AI related problems in a variety of domains.

The Computing for Social Good group works on research projects that incorporate computing in responsible and ethical ways, and is figuring out how to teach responsible computing to (primarily) undergraduate students.

The Control and Automation Lab (CAL) at UB is focused on research in robotics including UAVs, manipulators, mobile robots; autonomous robotic systems and control; intelligent manufacturing; advanced iterative learning control; high-precision control; vibration estimation and control; path planning and control; and machine learning and control.

The Geospatial Artificial Intelligence (GeoAI) Lab works to understand phenomena in geographic space and addresses various challenges facing our natural environment and human society.

The UB Media Forensic Laboratory is a multi-departmental research lab that is focused on computer vision, machine learning algorithms and the theoretical foundations and algorithms for the forensic analysis of digital media.

The National Center for Ontological Research (NCOR) provides coordination, infrastructure, and independent review to organizations employing ontologies in fields such as defense and intelligence, industrial and systems engineering, healthcare and biomedical sciences. We work closely with the DoD Joint Artificial Intelligence Center (JAIC) and other organizations applying ontology technology to support AI-based research.

We use a high-throughput phenotyping system to rapidly assign ontology terms to available content or an input expression from a subject matter expert or potential trial participant. 

Working Group on AI and Complex Systems

This working group has been established to facilitate discussion of the potential and the limits of AI, especially as concerns applications to complex systems in areas such as weather, climate, transport, finance, geothermal and geoseismic systems, as well as in all life sciences. Our work also includes collaborating with systems engineers to develop an ontology of systems under the auspices of the Industrial Ontologies Foundry. Persons interested in participating in meetings of the group should contact Jobst Landgrebe (email:

If you are part of a laboratory or group at the University at Buffalo that does work in Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Big Data or another affiliated field, please contact us to be added to this page.