Pointing robot.

Although computers can process large amounts of information and perform repetitive tasks rapidly and accurately, modern machine learning approaches are still limited to situations that reflect a fixed set of assumptions, and cannot match human intelligence in coping with unpredictable real-world complexities.

When human creativity, perceptions derived from life experiences, and the ability to learn from mistakes, augment the brute strength of computer processing, then the resulting human-machine team becomes capable of achieving far more than either alone.

The vision for the UB Artificial Intelligence Institute is to foster interdisciplinary research and development to continue to move the community in new and interesting directions.  UB Artificial Intelligence Institute is bringing together university, industry, government, and community partners to advance core AI technologies, applying them in ways that optimize human-machine partnerships and providing the complementary tools and skills to understand their societal impact.

Fundamental Issues

The institute is addressing fundamental issues to position the University at Buffalo at the forefront of the AI. We are focused on new scholarly activities to:

  • advance disciplinary core of AI in the understanding of humans and machines,
  • identify cross-cutting applications in other disciplines to co-evolve AI while solving domain-specific challenges,
  • study social and cultural implications and assume leadership in formulation of policies for ethical and legal considerations,
  • design innovative educational programs and skills training mechanisms to prepare students and retool the workforce for the AI era,
  • develop strategic partnerships with industry and government, and
  • evolve training ecosystems for workforce development to cultivate the skills and capabilities necessary for the AI driven future.

The UB Artificial Intelligence Institute is facilitating interaction among faculty across the university community who have a vested interested in advancing core AI technologies and cutting edge AI applications.  We are using the institute to drive funded research through targeted workshops to address specific problems of interest to our members, bringing in leading collaborators to participate in our workshops and work to interact with program managers, funding agencies and industry affiliates with a vested interest in our ideas.