Message from the Director

David Doermann.

Dr. David Doermann

Director, ​University at Buffalo Artificial Intelligence Institute
Professor, SUNY Empire Innovation
Professor, Department of Computer Science and Engineering

The University at Buffalo Artificial Intelligence Institute was established in 2018 to bring together the wealth of expertise in artificial intelligence that exists on campus, in the community and across the state.

We are dedicated to working on challenging interdisciplinary research and development projects that accelerate the technology with respect to both the application of AI and with respect to the fundamental development of the field.  Furthermore, scientific advances in AI offer tremendous potential for economic growth and for tackling complex societal problems. Yet at the same time, AI technologies are introducing new ethical and social challenges that we must address as well.

We have chosen ten research thrusts where we have cutting edge expertise to use as a catalyst for the development of interdisciplinary teams.  The leaders of these thrust areas will help to coordinate efforts across campus, work with local industry and help define future directions on these important problems.

We are also active in the education, business development and policy aspects of AI.  Our students, whether STEM or non-STEM focused, will benefit from the institute identifying gaps in the educational aspects of AI. The instutute will provide content to prepare them for a world where AI tools prevalent, but where they are often used without a complete understanding of the implications and risks of their use.  In the community, we will work with business leaders to address their needs and ensure that the UB community remains agile in applying new technologies afforded by AI.

We look forward to working with the university and Buffalo communities as we help to coordinate research, development, and implementation of tomorrows AI technology.

Please contact us if you have any questions or would like to work with us.