About Us

  • 5/14/20
    Bringing together educators and researchers in an interdisciplinary environment to continue to make significant breakthroughs in advancing the promise of machine or human-machine systems that can address complex cognitive tasks.
  • 11/6/20
    Although computers can process large amounts of information and perform repetitive tasks rapidly and accurately, modern machine learning approaches are still limited to situations that reflect a fixed set of assumptions, and cannot match human intelligence in coping with unpredictable real-world complexities.
  • 3/6/19
    The University at Buffalo Artifical Intelligence Institute was established in 2018 to explore ways to combine machines’ superior ability to ingest, connect and recall information with concepts that humans excel at, such as reasoning, judgement and strategizing, to develop dynamic human-machine partnerships.
  • 4/13/20
    The University at Buffalo Artificial Intelligence Institute was established in 2018 to bring together the wealth of expertise in artificial intelligence that exists on campus, in the community and across the state.
  • 4/13/20
    Women & Children’s Hospital of Buffalo is conveniently located, just 20 minutes from the airport.