Alumni Profile

CDSE PHD Pavan Kumar Behara.

Pavan Kumar Behara, CDSE PhD '20

How was your experience while at UB getting your degree?

I got tremendous guidance and help whenever I needed it during my PhD. UB has first class computing infrastructure in the Center for Computational Research which made my research so much stronger. The kind of professional help you can get at UB for both personal growth and career development is much appreciated. 

What are your plans after graduation?

I will be joining UCI as an OpenFF postdoc soon.

How your degree has helped you get there?

I have worked on a multitude of projects within my subject domain of quantum chemistry and statistical mechanics during my time here. This helped me gain a thorough understanding of first-principles based materials discovery and design. CDSE training in HPC, applied math and data-science helped me in achieving my goals.