Deepfakes could destroy the 2024 election

Published March 24, 2023


A Newsweek story about the dangers of deepfakes in relation to the 2024 presidential election quoted Siwei Lyu, SUNY Empire Innovation Professor in the Department of Computer Science and Engineering.

Lyu suggested a four-point plan for addressing deepfakes.

“The use of the generators needs to be more regulated, with certain contents (political, financial, or explicit) not allowed. The generated content must be labeled to remind the users of their synthetic nature. This can be a visible watermark or an invisible trace that can be picked up by a special algorithm. This will ensure that the deepfake content will not become viral without people noticing. Platforms need to implement moderation schemes to warn users of deepfakes. More user education to make users aware the existence and impact of deepfakes,” Lyu said.

Read the story here.