UB SPPS in the News: How do medical pros weigh whether to get vaccinated?

Published January 25, 2021

An article in The Buffalo News explored how health care workers are weighing what's known about the COVID-19 vaccines, the effects of the virus and their sense of social responsibility in deciding whether to get vaccinated.

The story featured Raymond Cha, BS '97 and PharmD '00, clinical associate professor, who discussed the continual advancements in vaccine development as a reason for confidence in the COVID-19 vaccine. 

“We’re continuing to improve how we’re creating the final product of the vaccines,” he said. “We may not be perfect, but it continues to get better.”

The article also interviewed Kimberly Zammit, BS '86 and PharmD '00, adjunct associate professor, who explained why she got her vaccine without hesitation.

"In my mind, the potential benefit is that (the vaccine) is going to prevent this COVID disease, and we know what the risk is there.”