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The SUNY University Center Endowment Match amplifies the value of your gift while accelerating the growth of UB students, faculty and research.

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What does the SUNY University Center Endowment Match do?

To spur the growth of SUNY university centers, the State of New York has established a fund that will match one dollar for every two dollars contributed by donors to new or existing endowed funds at UB. The University at Buffalo is eligible to earn up to $200 million in state funds, meaning donors have a limited time opportunity to see their contributions—and impact—grow rapidly.

When can I take advantage of this program?

Beginning on May 12, 2023, endowed gifts are eligible for matching funds. This program will continue through April 2026 or until the total amount set aside by the state is allocated. This is an exciting opportunity for UB donors to join the State of New York in propelling the university and the SUNY system to new levels of excellence.

As we look to advance President Satish K. Tripathi’s ambitious vision for UB as a premier public research university, new investments in the endowment will allow unprecedented prosperity for UB students, faculty and research.

What kinds of gifts are eligible to be matched?

To qualify for the match, the donor must make their commitment in the form of cash or a pledge. Gifts from individuals, corporations, foundations, and donor advised funds are eligible as are qualified as charitable distributions. Commitments may be multi-year pledges with specific payment schedules.

Where will matched funds go?

With this limited-time, limited opportunity program, all donor contributions made to new or existing endowed funds will generate matching funds from the State of New York.

Unrestricted endowment funds, such as the President’s Fund for Excellence, provide committed campus leaders, like deans and the university president, with important discretionary dollars to advance new, strategic and innovative ideas that further UB’s goals. These funds also provide necessary resources for needs that emerge during the year and are not covered by current operational budget or research grants, allowing UB to act quickly to pursue new opportunities or assist students in need. In short, the President’s Fund for Excellence and similar unrestricted endowment funds can improve the quality of life for graduate and undergraduate students, and our research-driven faculty.

While the university aims to grow its unrestricted endowment funds, including the President’s Fund for Excellence, through the state match, the option to designate matching funds to a broad list of unrestricted funds or the fund supported by the donor’s gift is available for gifts over $25,000. The UB Advancement team will work closely with donors to designate matching dollars to accomplish the donor’s goals. Donors who make gifts that are eligible for matching funds will receive recognition credit in the amount of their original gift plus the amount of the match.

Making an impact

Why are endowment funds important?

Gifts to endowment are special—because they provide a permanent source of funding to support a cause you believe in—so your generosity will continue in perpetuity. Endowments are valued by UB because they offer stability and a steady source of financial resources, especially during uncertain economic times, while ensuring that that a donor’s desired impact continues. Endowed funds can support students or faculty, research, programs or more—the choice is yours.


Please contact Joakim Nyoni, Senior Associate Vice President for University Advancement with any questions you have about the program.  

Joakim Nyoni.

Joakim Nyoni

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Division of University Advancement

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