Powerful Tools for Caregivers

Are you helping an older relative or friend? You will benefit from this six-week educational program designed to provide you with the tools needed to take care of yourself while helping a loved one.

You will learn how to reduce stress, improve self-confidence and better communicate your feelings. You will increase your ability to make tough decisions and better balance your life.

There is a $25* cost to the program which includes a workbook: “The Caregiver Helpbook”

*Cost is completely covered for all Blue Cross/Blue Shield and Independent Health members!

On this page:

Learning Outcomes

  • Learn how to reduce stress
  • Understand the best way to communicate your feelings
  • Learn how to make those tough decisions

Intended Audience

UB faculty, staff, family members and retirees




$25 fee which includes a workbook. Cost is completely covered for all Blue Cross/Blue Shield and Independent Health members.

Class Schedule and Registration

UB faculty and staff, please log in to UB EDGE to register. For assistance with UB EDGE, please email training@buffalo.edu or call 645-4459.

All others please email ub-eap@buffalo.edu or call 645-4461 to register. If you wish to keep your registration and attendance for this EAP class private from your manager and others at UB, please register with EAP directly via email ub-eap@buffalo.edu or call 645-4461.

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